What I do...

Throughout my career so far, I've worked in several roles for various brands: I edited non-fiction and educational videos at MedBridge, as well as wrote scripts and produced documentary-style projects. At Microsoft, I've edited reels, researched concepts, and provided script feedback. And on independent shorts, I've contributed in many capacities in highly collaborative small teams.

Les Cloÿs was nominated for an AWFJ EDA Award for Best Female Directed Short. Read my interview here.

I made Les Cloÿs with a Fulbright grant.

Read the article here.

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And also...

I love exploring new places by foot (or boat!), and photographing scenes that make me smile. A new hobby I've discovered is scheduling out books to read according to the season. Think Little Women in the winter and Jaws in the summer. Almost makes for a mixed reality experience...😉


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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